About Dataque

Dataque is on a mission to assist companies in getting the best from their data to drive growth. Their primary areas of expertise are data analysis, visualization, and data engineering.

How Dataque can help

  • Data Strategy: Build a strategy driven by data by identifying the tools and processes needed for successful implementation.
  • Data Engineering: Use a flexible data system designed to fit your current and future data needs perfectly.
  • Data Analysis: Make informed decisions with strategic analysis that relies on meaningful data.
  • Reporting & Dashboards: Discover the benefits of easy-to-use Metabase reports that help you track and analyze your business data accurately.
  • Training: Help your team learn how to make the most of your data resources through comprehensive data training.

À propos de Dataque

Notre mission est de permettre à toutes les entreprises d’utiliser leurs données de la meilleure manière possible. Nous sommes spécialisés en Data analyse, visualisation et ingénierie. Travaillons ensemble pour transformer vos Data en un véritable atout pour votre entreprise!

Comment Dataque peut vous aider

  • Data Stratégie: Adoptez une approche axée sur les données pour des décisions plus éclairées.
  • Data Ingénierie: Adoptez une architecture Data scalable et personnalisée pour répondre à vos besoins actuels et futurs.
  • Data Analyse: Exploitez tout le potentiel de vos données en les traduisant en informations exploitables pour une prise de décision éclairée.
  • Reporting & Dashboards: Analysez vos données de manière simple et efficace avec nos tableaux de bord Metabase.
  • Formations: Renforcez les compétences de votre équipe grâce à nos formations Data.

Clients' reviews

Marin Huet, Head of Data at Alma

Collaborating with Dataque on the Metabase integration has been transformative for our organization. The insights from their crafted reports have empowered us to take data-driven actions that have significantly fueled our progress and achievements. We're very pleased with this collaboration.

François Turpelin, Lead Developer at KissKissBankBank

Dataque's implementation of Metabase has transformed the way we analyze our data. The reports they've created are incredibly insightful and have made a significant impact on our business decisions. We highly recommend Dataque's services.