About Kaleidoscope Data

Kaleidoscope Data helps fast-growing startups build analytics capabilities to scale, with a particular focus on companies sized 50-150 employees. They build, implement, and advise on BI and ML projects, and help companies develop their in-house data teams.

How Kaleidoscope Data can help

Kaleidoscope Data is a consultancy focused on making tangible business impact with data. This usually means working with both messy data and the messiness of organizational challenges. They have experience with working across orgs to train staff on usage of Metabase, implement specific reporting needs for business users, and helping executive teams hire out data staff for continued growth. If you’re looking to build a strong data foundation so you can move quickly as you scale, they’re your team.

Their services include:

  • Data pipelines including combining data from multiple sources
  • Architecting an easy-to-use and scalable data warehouse
  • Reporting and dashboarding to address specific business users’ analytics needs
  • Advising CTOs on hiring new data staff and planning for future growth
  • Creating a vision for machine learning & optimization research to wow customers while reducing R&D risk

Clients' reviews

Vic Patil, CTO - Backbone Software

Kaleidoscope Data helped bring us from zero to one with our analytics capabilities using Metabase. We're a startup, so the cost, ease of use, and speed of implementation of Metabase was perfect for where we were at the time. We've begun offering data access as a service to our customers, and Metabase has proven as an adaptable multi-tenant analytics platform, with Kaleidoscope Data helping us navigate implementation of this capability.

Luis Madrigal, CTO - Cookies California

The Kaleidoscope Data team collaborated with all our business functions to develop key Metabase dashboards - for both operational staff and executives. As our organization has grown from a small startup to an international retail organization, our needs have changed constantly. Kaleidoscope Data's analytics infrastructure and Metabase reporting has been foundational to our business, allowing us to adapt quickly to these changes.