How Savvbi can help

Savvbi’s objective is to harness the essence of data, transforming it into a pivotal asset for your business. Whether you’re coming from the Healthcare or Mobile Apps industries, Savvbi’s solutions are tailored to address specific industry challenges.

Key services provided by Savvbi:

  • Data Strategy: Transform your objectives into comprehensive, data-driven ambitions, ensuring alignment throughout your organization.
  • Data Infrastructure & Ingestion: From selecting the optimal data tools to their deployment, they ensure your data infrastructure is robust and primed for scalability.
  • Data Transformation: Our specialty lies in shaping raw data into structured, easily interpretable formats, guaranteeing actionable insights.
  • Machine Learning: Leverage the capabilities of AI and ML to anticipate trends, decode user behavior, and base decisions on sound intelligence.
  • ERP System Integration: Integrate ERP systems flawlessly, ensuring smooth data transitions across platforms.
  • CRM & ERP Systems: Implement and oversee customer relationship and enterprise resource planning systems, optimizing organizational processes and customer engagements.

With Savvbi as your ally, be confident that your data is both secure and compliant, serving as a powerful force driving your business toward success.

About Savvbi

Savvbi specializes in healthcare, IT & software, and mobile app data solutions. Their expertise in SOC2 and HIPAA-compliant architectures reflects their commitment to data compliance and security. Through advanced data engineering and reporting, they integrate complex compliance demands with actionable insights.

Whether your organization is in its early stages or well-established, Savvbi’s team has the expertise to help you prepare and visualize your data using Metabase.

Clients' reviews

Daren Scadlock, Owner Spartan Lawn Care

Savvbi has revolutionized our businesses analytics by integrating Metabase, allowing seamless connection of data from QuickBooks and our CRM. With their platform, we effortlessly track account payables, profitability, and expenditures, optimizing our financial management. Their dedicated support and tailored solutions make Savvbi highly recommended for businesses seeking efficient data analysis.

Kameron Conley, Owner at Reborn Consultants

Savvbi's contribution to our data analytics endeavors has been immeasurable. They seamlessly incorporated Metabase into our systems, tailoring it to suit our distinct requirements. Their assistance was instrumental in establishing KPI monitoring for both customer success and internal resource allocation. Moreover, their adeptness in designing a data framework has enabled us to access real-time metrics effortlessly. By leveraging their comprehensive grasp of Metabase and its versatile applications, we have been empowered to make well-informed choices that have notably influenced our marketing approaches. I enthusiastically endorse Savvbi to anyone seeking to exploit the potential of data in a purposeful and streamlined manner.