About taleno.digital

“We at taleno.digital aren’t here just to get more clients. We are here to help small & medium companies reach their full potential by solving their business problems through data–without them breaking the bank. We are your business partner in building a cost effective yet high quality Modern Data Stack & Product Analytics.”, - Joey Taleno, founder at taleno.digital.

How taleno.digital can help

  • Data Strategy. Understanding the business and knowing the problems we need to solve.
  • Data Architecture. Recommending and setting up the most cost effective data infrastructure for your needs.
  • Data Ingestion. Identifying data sources to make automated data extraction & loading process.
  • Data Transformation. Designing and developing the most sensible data model for your data warehouse.
  • Data Visualization. Creating simple and easy to understand reports & dashboards to answer your business problems.

Clients' reviews

Samuel Weaver, CEO & Co-founder of Plural.sh

Joey from Taleno Digital has been great at driving and implementing the adoption of Metabase using Plural in his teams. He has a great knowledge of data infrastructure and the ecosystem. We enjoy having Joey in our community, and look forward to continuing to work with him on new projects.

Rico Mok, Co-founder & CTO of Poplar Homes

Joey from Taleno Digital had introduced us to Metabase and was able to implement the solution swiftly. Metabase is a great platform for our company BI reporting needs, allowing our product managers and business analysts to gain insight of our product and operations with ease.