How Trilab can help

  • ERP implementations + workflow. Trilab excels in ERP implementation, offering their own solutions and open-source products. With extensive experience in SAP and Oracle, they specialize in Odoo, a flexible and modern ERP/CRM system.
  • Software house - open-source excellence. Specializing in open-source applications, Trilab’s systems are highly efficient and cater to both small and large organizations with user-friendly interfaces.
  • IT, accounting, & tax outsourcing. Trilab provides comprehensive services in IT, full accounting support, and expert tax consultancy for companies.
  • Business intelligence and reporting. To provide Trilab’s customers correct information in the above areas, they offer implementation services of reporting and analytics with Metabase.

About Trilab

Based out in Poland, Trilab is committed to providing IT solutions and services to help your company thrive. With years of experience in implementing large commercial SAP and Oracle solutions, their expertise spans various areas, including ERP, Workflow, Business Intelligence, and accounting & tax outsourcing.

Trilab empowers their clients with accurate and actionable insights. To achieve this, they offer implementation services of reporting and analytical tools, with a primary focus on Metabase.

Clients' reviews

Piotr Sobczak, CEO of Solution SCA

Trilab has been creating extensive reporting solutions based on the Metabase system for Solution SCA since 2019. We use them successfully for everyday operational and technical analysis for internal use as well as business analysis and visualizations according to the guidelines of our international clients.The reports provided fully meet our and our clients' expectations, which is why we are planning further development activities in this area and extending cooperation with Trilab.

Krzysztof Zawadzki, CTO deputy of Avenir Medical Poland

Our company Avenir Medical has successfully implemented Metabase for reporting on current transaction data from our ERP system in the areas of sales, inventory and accounting. The implementation was carried out by Trilab, a trusted partner specializing in such deployments, who also successfully implemented our OdooERP system.