Compliance doesn't need to be complicated.

Metabase Pro and Enterprise give you the features you need if you're in a regulated industry or have compliance needs.

Compare plans or contact sales

Control access to PII or sensitive data

Hide specific columns or rows for some or all of your user groups with data sandboxes. Integrate your SSO with Metabase to automatically sync and assign users to the correct permissions groups.

Audit data access and exports

Metabase’s auditing tools show you logs and details of queries, downloads, and activity for all your users. See which users are looking at which databases and tables, the contents of the queries they’re running, and what data they’re downloading.

Run it on-prem with ease

Grab the Metabase Docker image or JAR and get it running on whichever server you please, completely under your control. Your data never touches our servers.

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