Metabase Support Plans

Standard Priority
HelpDesk Unlimited by Email Unlimited by Email
Troubleshooting Yes Yes
Bug Prioritization No Yes
Advisory No Yes
Break/Fix No No
Response SLA by Severity
S0 - Critical 1 Business Day 1 Business Day
S1 - Urgent 3 Business Days 1 Business Day
S2- Moderate 3 Business Days 1 Business Day
S3 - Minor 3 Business Days 1 Business Day

Metabase Support Definitions

Severity Levels

  • S0 - Critical - Immediate global issue that involves security, or complete failure of Metabase.

    Example: We upgraded and Metabase no longer starts.

  • S1 - Urgent - A server crashing, or a major issue where a customer or user can’t get their work done with Metabase for a significant portion of users.

    Example: Our users cannot use Metabase because it keeps freezing up in the browser.

  • S2 - Moderate - Significant issue that is impairing a single user or less than 25% of users from getting their work done.

    Example: Drill-through support disappeared in the most recent version of Metabase.

  • S3 - Minor - A minor or cosmetic issue, that while slightly annoying does not impair a customer or user being able to get their work done.

    Example: 100% stacked bar charts show 5 decimal places instead of 2.

Type of support

Product HelpDesk

Answer questions regarding usage of Metabase, and built-in database integrations.


Troubleshooting for issues with the Metabase product itself. This includes any features and functionality in either the Community Edition or Enterprise Edition. Support for hosting environments will be provided on a best-effort basis, but Metabase is not responsible for maintenance or operation of the hosting provider or underlying resources including deployment infrastructure and supporting databases.

Break/fix support

We will work with you to identify bugs or issues in the Metabase product and, depending on the severity of the bug, prioritize a fix to be included in an upcoming release.


Metabase offers suggestions on how to architect your database schema, deployment infrastructure and best-effort architectural review.

Bug Prioritization

Upon reporting a business impacting bug, Metabase would escalate the priority of that bug by a half point. (See bug prioritization wiki for definitions and timelines)

What is not included in support?

Professional Services

This includes any kind of custom development work, configuring your Metabase instance for you, or building dashboards.

Feature Prioritization

We cannot add features to Metabase or otherwise change our roadmap as a result of a support case.


We are not able to provide training sessions as part of a Support contract. We offer this separately if you need it.

Support Hours

Metabase provides 8x5 support - Monday through Friday 8am-5pm Pacific time.