How DataSquad can help

DataSquad helps clients succeed in their journey of becoming analytics-driven organizations. They do so by helping clients go through the different levels of the analytics pyramid, from bottom to top:

  • Data ingestion and centralization: We ingest raw data from different sources and create a centralized data warehouse.
  • Data modeling: We transform your raw data into business metrics and analytics-ready datasets you can explore.
  • Data visualization: We create easy-to-use dashboards for business users and executives as well as product-like analytics apps. This way you can monitor your business efficiently and enable an insights culture at scale.
  • Strategic analytics: We apply advanced analytics techniques on business context to enable smart and sustainable decisions.

About DataSquad

DataSquad is a boutique analytics consultancy based in Amsterdam and founded by a former Uber analytics leader. They help eCommerce companies succeed in their journey of becoming analytics-driven organizations.

Clients' reviews

Charlie Drummond, COO, Daiwear

As we started growing our business, we couldn’t continue running it on spreadsheets. We needed a more robust analytics solution to manage our growing volume of data and be able to get insights that are customized to our reality. DataSquad helped us set up a modern and affordable data platform in the cloud in a matter of days. Then DataSquad helped us create easy-to-use dashboards in Metabase so we can efficiently manage and optimize our business. The inventory planning dashboard was particularly a game changer.

Sebastien Monnet, Country Manager Benelux, Move & Rent

DataSquad helped us centralize data from different marketing channels and create fully automated marketing dashboards. We found the design of the dashboards in Metabase very intuitive. By having “summary” and “deep dive” views, we are able to zoom in and out easily to quickly get the level of insights we need. Thanks to DataSquad we saved significant time doing manual and repetitive work. We also unlocked new marketing insights to take better decisions regarding our marketing spend.