About Dazdata

Dazdata was founded in 2020, and is located in Wuhan, Hubei, China. It is mainly engaged in data processing related work, including data infrastructure construction, data visualization, and provided data-related services for more than 200+ clients. Their focus areas include medical, retail, education, IT and other industries.

Dazdata can help with

  • Data processing infrastructure construction.
  • Customized data visualization service.
  • Metabase itegration into customer business system.
  • Customized function development.
  • Metabase technical support including operation and maintenance.
  • Metabase technical training.

达之云公司成立于 2020 年,位于中国湖北省武汉市。主要用中文服务于数据处理领域,包括数据架构设计、数据可视化等。 我们的客户主要分布于医疗、零售、教育、IT 和工业企业. 我们专注于大数据处理和数据可视化,服务超过 200+客户。


  • 数据处理架构设计。
  • 定制化数据可视化服务。
  • Metabase 和业务系统集成。
  • 定制化开发。
  • Metabase 技术支持和维护。
  • Metabase 技术培训。

在中国,我们不仅在项目中应用 Metabase,同时致力于 Metabase 的普及化应用。 我们建立了 Metabase 中文社区 (http://metabasecn.net, 包含论坛、微信和 QQ 群。 我们提供 Metabase 技术培训,提供汉化开源版本。 热爱 Metabase 并成为 Metabase 的合作伙伴,致力于越来越多的能用上 Metabase。

Clients' reviews

LianPeng Zhao, CEO at SShengJie WuLian Xi'an Shanxi China.

Dazdata helped us build a unified data processing platform to unify our data scattered in various sub-business systems. At the same time, Dazdata built a complete data reporting system for us with the help of Metabase. Now we can understand the running status of all our sub-systems through the dashboard of Metabase. At the same time, through the Metabase, we can also analyze the business correlation between the various subsystems. Greatly improved our data utilization capabilities.

LianPeng Zhao, 晟捷物联CEO 赵总(西安晟捷物联公司)

达之云帮助我们构建了统一的数据处理平台,联通了公司各分散的业务系统数据孤岛;同时,达之云帮助我们构建了Metabase报表系统,通过Metabase的仪 盘,我们能监控各业务系统的运行数据,极大提高了我们的数据利用能力

Ting Qiu, PM of Inroad Shanghai China.

Dazdata helps us integrate Metabase into our own app. And on the Metabase, based on our needs, many reports are developed. Now we can easily view these reports in our own system, and we can easily expand the reports through Metabase without developing them on our system.

Ting Qiu, 工智慧道PM 邱总(上海异工同智科技公司)