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Make self-service analytics finally happen

Visual Query Builder

Free your data from the confines of SQL, letting everyone query in a UI humans actually love. Need joins, drill-downs and calculated columns? We’ve got you.


Easily create and share interactive dashboards, from TB-scale analytical workloads to day-to-day operational workflows, with 15+ visualization types.


Craft metadata-rich, semantic models which let people query on their own, keeping things consistent and avoiding repetition. With a single tab open and no CLI needed.

Make self-service analytics finally happen

Sneakily scalable

From pre-seed to post-IPO.

Single Sign-On

Integrate with SSO IdPs (SAML, LDAP, JWT, Google) and map to Metabase groups.


Control access to data, content and features with group permissions.


Segment access and unlock multi-tenant analytics via row-level data sandboxes.


Go faster with result and model caching. No schedulers or pipelines needed.


Inspect user behavior across content, data access and data downloads.


Discern between official and broadly-created content with official and verified badges.

SQL Snippets

Manage and share complex SQL logic across your team with shared snippets.

Security and Privacy

Enterprise-scaled compliance (SOC 2, GDPR) built right in from day one.

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