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Make self-service analytics finally happen

Visual Query Builder

Free your data from the confines of SQL, letting everyone query in a UI humans actually love. Need joins, drill-downs and calculated columns? We’ve got you.


Easily create and share interactive dashboards, from TB-scale analytical workloads to day-to-day operational workflows, with 15+ visualization types.


Craft metadata-rich, semantic models which let people query on their own, keeping things consistent and avoiding repetition. With a single tab open and no CLI needed.

Make self-service analytics finally happen

Sneakily scalable

From pre-seed to post-IPO.

Single Sign-On

Integrate with SSO IdPs (SAML, LDAP, JWT, Google) and map to Metabase groups.


Control access to data, content and features with group permissions.


Segment access and unlock multi-tenant analytics via row-level data sandboxes.


Go faster with result and model caching. No schedulers or pipelines needed.


Inspect user behavior across content, data access and data downloads.


Discern between official and broadly-created content with official and verified badges.

SQL Snippets

Manage and share complex SQL logic across your team with shared snippets.


Plans to support your team at every stage in your growth

Need tighter security, more governance, and control over who sees what? We’ve got you covered.

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