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Team doesn’t speak SQL? No problem. Metabase is the easy, open-source way to help everyone in your company work with data like an analyst.

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Connect to your data and get it in front of your team.

Dashboards (like this one) are easy to build, share, and explore.

Exploration without the SQL barrier

Anyone on your team can get answers to questions about your data with just a few clicks, whether it's the CEO or Customer Support.

When the questions get more complicated, SQL and our notebook editor are there for the data savvy.

Notebook editor

Visual joins, multiple aggregations and filtering steps give you the tools to dig deeper into your data.

Smarter SQL

Add variables to your queries to create interactive visualizations that users can tweak and explore.

Keep everyone in the know

Set up alerts and scheduled reports to get the right data in front of the right people at the right time.

Connect to your data and see what's inside

Works with lots of different databases

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Get up and running in minutes

Start in a couple clicks with the hosted version, or use Docker to get up and running on your own for free.

Connect to your existing data, invite your team, and you have a BI solution that would usually take a sales call.

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“Setup was trivial. Run a jar, log in, tell it how to get to our databases, and we were up and running. 5 minutes.
Boom, done.”

Ryan Barrett Head of engineering

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