How to Measure Flow Efficiency

Learn about Flow Efficiency, including how to measure it, and leverage it in dashboards and visualizations with Metabase.

What is Flow Efficiency?

Flow efficiency deals with how well time is being utilized when working on a project. Sometimes when working on a big project, gaps can occur when developers need to wait to move forward. Calculating your flow efficiency can tell you how well time is being spent on the development of a project. If you notice your team’s flow efficiency isn’t good, that might indicate a need for change in terms of how your projects are passed off and worked on. This KPI is good to visualize a past project’s lifetime and how many times activity levels went down. You’ll be able to see what could be improved time-wise to get things done in a more efficient way.

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How to calculate Flow Efficiency

You’ll calculate flow efficiency in a ratio like this: Your active time:Your total time Active time would be time spent making code commits and working on relevant projects. Your total time should represent the total time during an active project in a specific timeframe. Flow efficiency should be calculated in a select time period to determine specific deficiencies. You shouldn’t expect to see any patterns during a project’s progress, but afterward, you’ll be able to get a bigger picture of how time was used. For example, if you calculate your flow efficiency by month, you can compare that to what was happening during each of those months to form patterns of efficiency.

Other KPIs to measure related to Flow Efficiency

  • Cost Performance Indicator
  • F1 Score
  • Issue Resolution Time
  • Machine Learning Performance
  • Production Incidents
  • Queue Time
  • Regressions Open/Closed
  • Release Burndown
  • Security Vulnerabilities

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