How CaseWhen can help

CaseWhen helps their clients go from:

  • Minimal to no reporting setup
  • Outdated, legacy setups based on Excel or Sheets
  • Patchwork, no-code setups that have become unmanageable
  • Aging setups that hold back their data’s potential


  • An industry-standard, modern data stack that scales
  • Fully automated reporting and dashboards
  • Validated data they can finally trust

The CaseWhen team believes that great work is the product of healthy minds. Here’s what they really care about:

  • Having a healthier work/life balance, and reducing stress wherever possible
  • Embracing diversity and gender balance in our people and their thoughts and experiences
  • Living our core values of empathy, authenticity, and transparency
  • Prioritizing meaningful connections with each other and those we work with
  • Trusting each other and always assuming good intentions
  • Technologies we love: BigQuery, Snowflake, Microsoft SQL Server, dbt, Dataform, Fivetran, Airflow, SSIS, Azure, SQL, Python, ETL, Data Warehouse, GCP, AWS, Looker, Data Studio, PowerBI

About CaseWhen

CaseWhen is a Data and Business Intelligence consultancy helping companies achieve a reporting setup based on reliability, scalability, and transparency. With CaseWhen services you’ll have a complete overview of how your company is performing thanks to your centralized Modern Data Stack.

Clients' reviews

Moritz von Hase, CTO at Home HT

CaseWhen has helped us use our data to make smarter operational decisions. With our Metabase setup, we have clear visibility of all our most critical KPIs, plus the flexibility to answer any new data questions ourselves. It’s so easy to use, and our investors love what we’ve built for them.

Moritz K. Andresen, Managing Director at DigitalCenturyBerlin

We are so happy with our Metabase setup. It used to take us hours each week to pull together manual reports, but with the setup that the CaseWhen team built for us, all of our management reports and team dashboards are there automatically. The look of Metabase is super clean too!