How ITSRIVER can help

  • Metabase integration with customer systems
  • Metabase environment setup
  • Technical training and Metabase support
  • Providing IT solutions such as CRM/ERP and POS that fit all business domains
  • Infrastructure planning and implementation for small and medium companies


ITSRIVER specializes in delivering comprehensive IT solutions that range from Cloud infrastructure to web and Cpanel enterprise app development, all while providing top-notch hosting services. They customize solutions to fit your business and create data dashboards for analysis. ITSRIVER experts ensure high security and performance in their solutions, and they work to provide the specific data analysis and KPIs you need. ITSRIVER has helped many companies in Egypt, KSA, and Qatar to achieve their data goals.

Clients' reviews

Mohamed Yousef, Import & Logistics Manager at Valerio trade

ITSRIVER helped us build our Metabase dashboards to get detailed insights about our products and sales revenue streams. The support and training ITSRIVER provided to develop a complete set of dashboards covering all products was more than helpful.

Ahmed Fahim, CEO of Erima Egypt

Slicing and dicing data to find useful insights is always hard, but ITSRIVER's help building up our revenue dashboards using Metabase exceeded my expectations. We can now explore a full analysis of our business and its KPIs with just a few clicks.