How Reporting Stack can help

Reporting Stack transforms your data for growth. They fine-tune your reporting tools to make your data more useful. Everything Reporting Stack does is customized for your organization, making sure their solutions work well and can grow with you.

Reporting Stack’s data services include:

  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Database management
  • SQL expertise for various requirements
  • Transforming complex data into actionable insights
  • Data pipelining
  • Advanced dbt data modeling
  • Robust data engineering
  • Engaging data visualization

Start setting up your modern analytics with Metabase to find important insights. In data strategy, Reporting Stack helps turn your growth goals into easy-to-understand KPIs and factors, all kept organized in your own data dictionary.

Reporting Stack team gives you advice on the best tools and setup for your data, making sure they fit your current and future needs. After you decide what you want, they’ll set up automated processes to bring in data from any source to your central data storage.

Reporting Stack’s data modeling organizes raw data into business concepts, using your data dictionary as a guide. For keeping an eye on your business, Reporting Stack offers easy-to-use Metabase reporting suites.

About Reporting Stack

Reporting Stack is an analytics consulting company that assists with data analytics, data engineering, and data visualization. They cover the entire analytics and ETL pipeline, including data architecture, engineering, complex reporting, and analysis. They’ve worked with over one hundred clients, including Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Airbnb, Google, Pepsi, and IBM.

Clients' reviews

Jitendra Jagadev, CEO, NestAway Technologies & Hello World Coliving Platform

We highly recommend Reporting Stack for companies seeking to unlock the power of data visualization in Metabase. They are a definitive choice for those seeking a data visualization virtuoso who can transform data into a strategic asset. Their contributions have transformed NestAway & Hello World's data landscape, elevating it to a pivotal driver of success.

Amrendra Rajan, Head of Analytics, Jar & BounceShare

Reporting Stack inherited a rudimentary Metabase framework and meticulously transformed it into a robust platform. Their team skillfully navigated complex data models, and architected custom dashboards, filters, and automated reports, ensuring every interaction yielded valuable insights from Metabase BI reporting.