How Rubicon IT can help

  • Custom data solutions
  • Building data infrastructure and visualization
  • Initial setup, handover, and assistance
  • Ongoing, all-in-one support for data and software

About Rubicon IT

Rubicon IT, founded 2001, is a software and data solutions provider in Europe. They develop and extend data and analytics strategies to deliver better insights and predictions.

Clients' reviews

Hubert Philipp Sprosec, Technical Director & Head of Retail, Zurich Insurance, Austria

For a long time we have been looking for a solution to keep up with the status of our teams' activities regarding the offers stored in our database. With Rubicon IT and their Metabase implementation, we not only have beautiful dashboards with all the data, but we also get a visual presentation for the various sales regions.

Doris Janisch, Head of IT, Bestattung Wien GmbH

It’s amazing how easy it has been to get all the relevant figures out of our long-lasting business software with Metabase and its customer-friendly dashboards. Rubicon IT has done a great job in preparing and transforming the data according to our needs, and guiding us on how to make the most out of Metabase.