How Statfinity can help

  • Data Science and Analytics. From understanding the data to creating clear visuals, Statfinity ensures the business information becomes a valuable asset for customer-focused solutions.
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence. With our expertise in BI tool, Statfinity ensures highly interactive UI/UX designs that empower informed decision-making and drive business success.
  • Web Tracking. Statfinity starts by reviewing your current setup. They identify what counts as a lead for the given business and ensure it’s tracked consistently across all platforms.
  • Data Engineering. Statfinity specializes in building live data pipelines using Python and SQL, extracting raw data from diverse public APIs. They streamline the data journey by securely storing data on cloud data warehouses like Google Cloud Platform, AWS, or Azure.
  • Mobile App Analytics. Statfinity are experts in mobile app analytics, especially in analyzing how users behave in real-time. They specialize in gaming and e-commerce apps for both Android and iOS. Using tools like Firebase Analytics and Mixpanel, their custom solutions help businesses understand how users interact with their app, boost its performance, and grow their business effectively.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Statfinity are experts in AI and ML, covering OpenAI models, traditional ML algorithms, and generative AI methods. We solve intricate classification and regression problems using a variety of models and tools.

About Statfinity

Statfinity provides end-to-end data solutions including but not limited to data science and analytics, client- and server-side tracking, data engineering, and generative AI-driven business solutions that cover the client’s whole data landscape.

Clients' reviews

Ori Shimacher, Product Manager, Atomic Growth

Statfinity has worked closely with our team to design and develop comprehensive Metabase dashboards tailored to our unique needs in the eCommerce and CPG sectors. Their deep understanding of data-driven decision-making and their ability to translate complex data into actionable insights have been crucial to our success. Our data is stored in MariaDB and the Statfinity team has robust capabilities in developing SQL queries to build charts and visualizations as per our needs. I highly recommend Statfinity to any organization seeking top-tier Metabase services.

Esther L., Business Analyst, Zuri Furniture

The Statfinity team has been instrumental in helping Zuri Furniture develop reporting dashboards on Metabase from scratch. Thanks to their efforts, we now have robust and user-friendly Metabase dashboards that provide valuable insights and drive better decision-making within our organization in terms of Sales, Logistics and Marketing. I highly recommend Statfinity for their outstanding service and expertise in Metabase.