How SURInch can help

SURInch specializes in large-scale data projects and offers project consulting services to customers. They sell self-developed software products for databases and data warehouses, including real-time replication, monitoring, high-availability management, ETL and scheduling platforms, and security tools.

Additionally, SURInch provides customized development services and training for open-source project applications like DataEase and Metabase. They also offer optimization, implementation, migration, and other services for data platform projects.

我们拥有丰富的大型数据类项目建设经验,可以给客户提供项目咨询服务。我们销售数据库、数据仓库相关的自研软件产品,包含: 数据库实时复制、数据库监控、数据库高可用管理、ETL 平台、调度平台,数据库安全等产品。 我们为客户个性化需求提供产品定制开发服务,包含开源项目应用、培训服务,例如报表产品(dataease),BI 及 dashboard 产品(metabase)培训及实施服务。 针对客户的数据平台项目规划,我们提供数据库、数据仓库、BI 应用性能优化、系统实施、项目迁移等服务。

About SURInch

SURInch is based in Shanghai and helps corporate customers in China with digital transformation. Established in 2017, SURInch has helped companies like Starbucks, China Taiping, Sinopharm, and Deppon Express.

盈尺网络科技有限公司致力于中国优质企业客户数据化转型,2017 年成立于中国上海,注册资本 1000 万。已经跟多个行业的龙头企业建立合作关系,比如:星巴克、中国太平、国药控股、德邦快递等知名企业。

Clients' reviews

Jimmy Tang, CTO, Morning Tec

Thanks to SURInch's help in implementing Metabase, we've been able to simplify complex tasks such as game data analysis, platform data analysis, and user profiling. Compared to other products on the market, Metabase has proven to be a powerful and user-friendly solution for our needs.

Jimmy Tang, 上海晨之科信息技术有限公司技术总监。


Peter Zhu, CEO, W+Club, Shanghai Beijia Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Thanks to SURInch's help in implementing Metabase, our operations and product colleagues have never reported any issues with slow data reporting. Metabase has proven to be a very fast solution for us.

Peter Zhu, 上海蓓嘉网络科技有限公司W+Club总经理。