VIVBI is a business intelligence (BI) and data agency. VIVBI focuses on providing our clients with empowering decision making, customized dashboards, and purified data through our data quality model, ad-hoc reporting, and custom data science products.

“We take data seriously, we purify data through a series of audits and checks. Data needs to be accurate, accessible, comprehensive, defined, granular, and relevant. This is our core mission.” >- Kayden Nelson, President at VIVBI

How VIVBI can help

Data is the lifeblood of any business. Data helps you understand what your customers want, how they behave, and where your business is heading. VIVBI helps businesses make sense of their data, so they can make better decisions and stay one step ahead of the competition.

VIVBI specializes in:

  • Data Engineering
  • Custom API Data Integrations
  • Data Consulting & Auditing
  • Reporting & Dashboards

Clients' reviews

Liam Shanahan, (Profund)

VIVBI is the data and business intelligence company that turns your data into money. We have utilized VIVBI to build out our Metabase instance to empower powerful embedded analytics for our users. Additionally, the team was able to leverage Metabase's APIs to deliver data syncing between our Hubspot CRM. The VIVBI team is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to help you succeed.

Nathaniel Jewell, (Recess)

We love working with VIVBI because they are experts in Metabase and deliver high-quality results. VIVBI has a team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about data and business intelligence. The VIVBI team has utilized Metabase to create the best-in-class analytics for our app embedded and custom Metabase API reporting. We have found tremendous value with Metabase through the knowledge and expertise of the VIVBI team. We would recommend VIVBI to any company who wants to get the most out of Metabase and their data.

James Younger, DDS (Founder/CEO, Tempstars)

VIVBI has been incredible at helping us use Metabase to answer data science questions in actionable ways, and guide us in how to best serve our clients. Metabase has been a vitally important tool because it allows us to see patterns that we might have otherwise missed. It also allows us to gain clear insights into how our clients are using our products and services. Metabase is a great tool for data analytics and VIVBI has really helped us use it to its full potential.

Michael Garrison, (Auto Source Autos)

VIVBI has been a great partner in helping us migrate from our old reporting tool to Metabase. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in data migrations, and they were able to quickly assess our needs and implement a plan that met our timeline and budget. The VIVBI team is also very responsive and communicative, which was helpful in keeping us informed throughout the process. We are extremely happy with the results of the migration and would recommend VIVBI to anyone looking for a data partner.