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An open call for article submissions

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The Metabase Team
‧ Mar 12, 2021 in News

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Interested in writing for Metabase? We’re opening up a call for articles for Learn Metabase and our blog.

What this is about

Metabase is open source software, and the more people who use Metabase, the better it gets — more developers contributing code, more people working out bugs, more people dreaming up ways to improve it. To introduce more people to Metabase, and to help people get more out of it, we provide educational resources to help people level up — both with Metabase and with business intelligence and analytics in general.

Why write for us?

These aren’t paid submissions — like contributors to our codebase, you’ll be writing purely to help support the Metabase project. Metabase is free, open source software, and helping us expand and improve our educational resources is a great way to contribute. Use the article as a chance to share your knowledge with the community, or as an excuse to learn something new. You’ll get feedback from professional editors, and end up with published writing to put on your resume.

What we’re looking for

We’re seeking articles that people will enjoy reading and that help them learn more about Metabase and data-related topics — hopefully it goes without saying that we’re not interested in clickbait. Here’s some of the kinds of things you could write about:

How the submission process works

  1. You should first check to make sure we don’t already have an article on the subject you want to tackle. You can also check out our discussion forum to look for ideas.
  2. Write a draft of an article. Have fun with it.
  3. Submit your draft using this form.
  4. If we think it’s a good fit, our technical editor will review it and suggest changes.
  5. A round or two of revisions.
  6. Approval, proofing, and publication.

We’ll try to respond to every submission, but we’re a small team, so please be patient with response times.

Article guidelines

  • Articles should be between 500–3000 words (and 0 emojis).
  • Images are optional, but if you include images:
    • You’ll need to report the source (the images shouldn’t be protected by copyright).
    • Images should be at least 800px wide (i.e., at least as wide as the images on Learn).
  • If you do a deep dive on a dataset, that dataset should be publicly available so other people can check it out.

If we like your article and want to publish it, you’ll need to sign our Contributor’s License Agreement (it’s the same agreement we use for contributions to the Metabase codebase.)

About our content sites

If we like your article, we’ll find a place for it, but here is generally how we organize our content:

  • Learn Metabase. Structured learning paths toward Metabase and BI mastery.
  • Metabase blog. News and other articles, such as deep dives on the Metabase codebase, or subjects related to business intelligence or data analytics that don’t quite fit in the structure or style of Learn.
  • Metabase documentation. You can, of course, also contribute to our documentation. Our docs serve as a product reference, useful for looking things up. To contribute, all you need to do is submit a pull request.

Sound good?

Have fun, and good luck!

Submit an article.

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