These are the docs for the Metabase master branch. Some features documented here may not yet be available in the latest release. Check out the docs for the latest version, Metabase v0.50.

Notification permissions

Notifications in Metabase include alerts and dashboard subscriptions.

Who can edit dashboard subscriptions and alerts

What you can do with alerts and dashboard subscriptions depends on whether you’re in the Administrators group or in a sandboxed group.

All Users group notification permissions

Everyone’s in the All Users group. Which means that everyone can:

  • Create alerts and dashboard subscriptions.
  • Add new recipients to dashboard subscriptions that they created. Non-admins can only add themselves to alerts.
  • Unsubscribe from any alert or subscription in their Account settings.

When a notification creator adds new recipients to an alert or subscription, Metabase will display data to the recipients using the creator’s data permissions and collection permissions.

Sandboxed accounts notification permissions

Same as everyone in the All Users group, but with a special case: people in sandboxed groups will only see themselves in the list of recipients when creating an alert or subscription.

Administrators group notification permissions

People in the admin group can:

  • View all subscriptions and alerts.
  • Add or remove recipients from an existing subscription or alert. Admins can safely add and remove recipients without changing the permissions of the alert or subscription. For example, if an admin adds Anya to a subscription created by Beau, Anya will receive emails with the same data that Beau can see (not what the admin can see).
  • Delete subscriptions or alerts.

What notification recipients can see

Notification recipients can see whatever the notification creator can see. For example, if:

  • Beau creates a subscription to a dashboard saved in their personal collection.
  • Beau adds Anya to the dashboard subscription.
  • Anya will see the dashboard results in her email, even though she lacks permissions to view that dashboard in Beau’s personal collection.

More control over email options

On Enterprise and Pro plans, Admins can:

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