Limitation of Metabase Cloud

There are some limitations that could impact your migration to Metabase Cloud. These limitations apply to all Metabase Cloud plans.

Metabase Cloud only supports official and partner databases

Metabase Cloud only works with:

Metabase Cloud doesn’t support community database drivers, or file-based databases (SQLite and H2), because there’s currently no file storage available.

Limited custom certificate support

Only some databases support custom certificates, which you can input/upload via the database connection setup user interface in your Metabase.

No email sender customization

Metabase Cloud does not support customization of the “from address” for emailed reports, alerts, and other system notifications.

No access to application database

You won’t be able to access the application database; if you want insights into how people are using your Metabase, check out the Auditing feature.

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