Questions overview

Questions are queries plus their visualization. You can ask questions using Metabase’s graphical query builder, or create a native/SQL query.

Query builder

Asking questions

An introduction to Metabase’s graphical query builder.

Custom expressions

Custom expressions, like spreadsheet formulas, are tools you can use in the graphical query builder to ask more complicated questions.

List of expressions

A list of the aggregations and functions available in the graphical query builder.

Joining data

You can join data to combine your current data with another table, or even with a saved question.

Native query editor

Also known as the SQL editor (we say native because you can also query databases that don’t use SQL, like MongoDB and Google Analytics).

Introduction to the native query editor

Write native code (like SQL) to query your data source.

SQL templates

Pass parameters into variables in your SQL templates.

SQL snippets

Reuse and share bits of SQL.

Sharing results

There are many different ways to share the results of questions. To share the results of a dashboard, see Dashboard subscriptions.

Sharing answers

Save questions, download results, and share links.

Visualizing results

Choose from a variety of visualization types.


Get results via email or Slack, either on a schedule, or only when something interesting happens.

Public sharing

Create links or embeds for the good people of the internet.


The different ways you can export the results of questions and dashboards.

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