Installation and operation overview

The birth, care, and feeding of your Metabase.

Installing Metabase

Start here.

Migrating to a production database

If you started using Metabase with the default, H2 application database, here’s how to migrate your data to a production-ready database.

Configuring the Metabase application database

Use environment variables to set up your application database.

Backing up Metabase application data

How to back up your Metabase data: questions, dashboards, and other application data.

Upgrading Metabase

How to safely upgrade your Metabase.


Export your questions, dashboards, and more as YAML files that you can check into version control.

Monitoring your Metabase

Monitor your Metabase with JMX.

Observability with Prometheus

Export Metabase metrics for viewing with Prometheus.

Supported browsers

Rest in peace, Internet Explorer.

About the anonymous usage data we collect.

We collect anonymous Metabase usage data to improve the product. We don’t collect your data.

Command line commands

Metabase’s CLI.

If you’d like more technical resources to set up your data stack with Metabase, connect with a Metabase Expert.

Read docs for other versions of Metabase.

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