Notification permissions

Some notes on how permissions work with dashboard subscriptions and alerts:

  • Recipients of notifications can see whatever the creator of the notification can see. That is, people will get to see charts in their email or Slack as if they had the alert or subscription creator’s permissions to view those charts, regardless of whether their groups have permission to view those charts.
  • Anyone can create and manage their own notifications. In addition to the alert and subscription menus on questions and dashboards, people can click on the gear icon and go to Account settings > Notifications to view and unsubscribe from any or all of their dashboard subscriptions and alerts.
  • Anyone can add people via email or Slack to a subscription or alert that they created. Again, the data Metabase sends to the added recipients depends on the person who created the notification, not the recipient.
  • Some paid plans can restrict which domains Metabase can email. See approved domains.
  • Admins can see and edit all notifications. Admins can modify recipients, filters, or delete the subscription without affecting the subscription’s permissions; the subscription will continue to send data based on whoever originally created the subscription. Admins can edit alerts and subscriptions on the items themselves, or, if they have a paid plan, in the Admin panel under Audit > Subscriptions and alerts. See Auditing Metabase.
  • Non-admins can only view and edit notifications they created, not notifications created by others.
  • Provided the non-admin account isn’t sandboxed, non-admins can add anyone in their Metabase to their subscriptions using the dropdown menu. People who are sandboxed will only see themselves in the list of recipients for dashboard subscriptions and alerts that they create; they won’t be able to see other Metabase accounts.

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