People and groups overview

User accounts, groups, and authentication. For permissions, see Permissions overview.

Editing your account settings

Edit your profile and password, and view your login history.

Managing people and groups

Admin controls for setting up user accounts and organizing them into groups.

Changing password complexity

Make people use longer and more complex passwords.

Changing session expiration

Tell Metabase how long it should wait before asking people to log in again.


Metabase offers several options for single sign-on (SS0) authentication.

Setting up Single Sign-on (SSO)

We recommend that you set up Single Sign-on for your Metabase installation.

SSO for Metabase Open Source Edition

SSO for Metabase paid plans

With some paid plans, you have more options to help orchestrate lots of people and groups.


Notes on Metabase’s accessibility.

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