These are the docs for the Metabase master branch. Some features documented here may not yet be available in the latest release. Check out the docs for the latest version, Metabase v0.50.

Databases overview

Adding and managing databases

Connect to and manage your databases.

Database users, roles, and privileges

Bundling your privileges into roles based on use cases makes it easier to manage privileges in the future.

Syncing and scanning databases

Metabase runs different types of queries to stay up to date with your database.

Encrypting your database connection

Learn how to encrypt your database connection credentials at rest.

SSH tunneling

Metabase can connect to some databases by first establishing a connection to a server in between Metabase and a data warehouse, then connecting to the data warehouse using that connection as a bridge.

SSL certificate

You can connect your Metabase Cloud or self-hosted instance to a database using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption with a certificate.

Uploading data

You can set Metabase up so you can upload CSV files to a database.

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