These are the docs for the Metabase master branch. Some features documented here may not yet be available in the latest release. Check out the docs for the latest version, Metabase v0.50.

Metabase CLI

Metabase ships with some handy CLI commands. To view a list of commands, run the Metabase jar followed by help.

java -jar metabase.jar help

Metabase will print out the help text for available commands.


Generate a markdown file containing documentation for all API endpoints. This is written to a file called docs/


Or driver-methods _docs.

Print a list of all multimethods available for a driver to implement, optionally with their docstrings.


Drop entity IDs for instances of serializable models. Useful for migrating from v1 serialization (x.46 and earlier) to v2 (x.47+).

dump path & options

This command is deprecated. Use export instead.

Serializes Metabase instance into directory path.


-u, --user EMAIL Export collections owned by the specified user

-s, --state (active|all) all When set to active, do not dump archived entities. Default behavior is all.

dump-to-h2 h2-filename & opts

Transfer data from existing database to newly created H2 DB with specified filename. Target H2 file is deleted before dump, unless the –keep-existing flag is given.


-k, --keep-existing Do not delete target H2 file if it exists.

-p, --dump-plaintext Do not encrypt dumped contents.


Generates a markdown file containing documentation for environment variables relevant to configuring Metabase. The command only includes environment variables registered as defsettings. For a full list of environment variables, see Environment variables.

export path & options

Serialization is only available on Pro and Enterprise plans (only on self-hosted plans).

Serialize Metabase instance into directory at path.


-c, --collection ID Export only specified ID(s). Use commas to separate multiple IDs.

-C, --no-collections Do not export any content in collections.

-S, --no-settings Do not export settings.yaml

-D, --no-data-model Do not export any data model entities; useful for subsequent exports.

-f, --include-field-values Include field values along with field metadata.

-s, --include-database-secrets Include database connection details (in plain text; use caution).


Show this help message listing valid Metabase commands.

import path & options

Serialization is only available on Pro and Enterprise plans (only on self-hosted plans).

Load serialized Metabase instance as created by the export command from directory path. Has no options.

load path & options

This command is deprecated. Use import instead.

Load serialized Metabase instance as created by [[dump]] command from directory path.


-m, --mode (skip|update) skip Update or skip on conflicts.

-e, --on-error (continue|abort) continue Abort or continue on error.


Transfer data from existing H2 database to the newly created MySQL or Postgres DB specified by env vars.

load-from-h2 h2-connection-string

migrate down

Used for downgrading versions.


Start Metabase the usual way and exit. Useful for profiling Metabase launch time.

reset-password email-address

Reset the password for a user with email-address.

rotate-encryption-key new-key

Rotate the encryption key of a Metabase database. The MB_ENCRYPTION_SECRET_KEY environment variable has to be set to the current key, and the parameter new-key has to be the new key. new-key has to be at least 16 chars.


Print version information about Metabase and the current system.

Read docs for other versions of Metabase.

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