Metabase documentation

Metabase is an open-source business intelligence platform. You can use Metabase to ask questions about your data, or embed Metabase in your app to let your customers explore their data on their own.

First steps

Installing Metabase

Run as a JAR, using Docker, or on Metabase Cloud.

Setting up Metabase

Once installed, set up your Metabase and connect to your data.

Getting started

With your data connected, get started asking questions, creating dashboards, and sharing your work.

A tour of Metabase

Metabase is a deep product with a lot of tools to simplify business intelligence, from embeddable charts and interactive dashboards, to GUI and SQL editors, to auditing and data sandboxing, and more.

Documentation topics

Metabase’s reference documentation.

Installation and operation


Asking questions

Query builder

SQL and native queries



Data modeling

Exploration and organization

People and groups


Embedding questions and dashboards

Configuring Metabase

Usage and performance tools

Metabase API

Troubleshooting guides

Getting help


Tutorials and guides

Learn Metabase has a ton of articles on how to use Metabase, data best practices, and more.

More resources

Learn Metabase

Guides on working with data.


Share and connect with other Metabasers.

Some Metabase plans offer additional features.

Metabase Cloud

For docs specific to Metabase Cloud plans.

Community stories

Practical advice from our community.

Metabase blog

News, updates, and ideas.


Real companies, real data, real stories.

Metabase Twitter

We tweet stuff.

Source code repository on GitHub

Follow us on GitHub.

Developers guide

Contribute to the Metabase open source project!

Data and Business Intelligence Glossary

Data jargon explained.

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