These are the docs for the Metabase master branch. Some features documented here may not yet be available in the latest release. Check out the docs for the latest version, Metabase v0.49.

Troubleshooting permissions

If someone has the wrong level of access to a dashboard or a question, the problem may be coming from group settings, collection permissions, or data permissions.

  1. Go to Admin > People and check if the person is in more than one group with different permissions.
  2. If a person can’t view or edit questions or dashboards, see Troubleshooting collection permissions.
  3. If a person can’t access data, such as schema, tables, rows, or columns, see Troubleshooting data permissions.

If you have a different issue, see related problems.

Troubleshooting collection permissions

Troubleshooting data permissions

Row and column permissions

Native query (SQL) permissions

Table or schema permissions

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