Driver Interface Changelog

Metabase 0.45.0

  • metabase.driver.sql-jdbc.connection/details->connection-spec-for-testing-connection has been removed in Metabase 0.45.0, because it leaked SSH tunnels. See #24445. If you are using this function, please update your code to use metabase.driver.sql-jdbc.connection/with-connection-spec-for-testing-connection instead, which properly cleans up after itself.

New methods

  • metabase.driver.sql-jdbc.sync.describe-table-fields has been added. Implement this method if you want to override the default behavior for fetching field metadata (such as types) for a table.

Metabase 0.43.0

  • The :expressions map in an MBQL query now uses strings as keys rather than keywords (see #14647). You only need to be concerned with this if you are accessing or manipulating this map directly. Drivers deriving from :sql implementing ->honeysql for [<driver> :expression] may need to be updated. A utility function, metabase.mbql.util/expression-with-name, has been available since at least Metabase 0.35.0 and handles both types of keys. It is highly recommended that you use this function rather than accessing :expressions directly, as doing so can make your driver compatible with both 0.42.0 and with 0.43.0 and newer.

  • There is now a describe-nested-field-columns method under sql-jdbc.sync namespace which returns an instance of NestedFCMetadata. This is in order to allow JSON columns in Postgres and eventually other DB’s which are usually ordinary RDBMS’s but then sometimes they have a denormalized column with JSON or some other semantics. Given a table with denormalized columns which have nested field semantics (so, typed sub-fields which are still denormalized but stable in type between rows), return value should be a NestedFCMetadata, a map of flattened key paths to the detected sub-field. Field detection in syncing will then be enriched with those nested types. This is materially different from the way we do it for mongo because every kind of JSON column is different, but it’s going to run every sync so it can’t be too slow, even on enormous tables and enormous denormalized columns on those enormous tables.

Metabase 0.42.0

Changes in Metabase 0.42.0 affect drivers that derive from :sql (including :sql-jdbc). Non-SQL drivers likely will require no changes.

0.42.0 introduces several significant changes to the way the SQL query processor compiles and determines aliases for MBQL :field clauses. For more background, see pull request #19384.

If you were manipulating Field or Table aliases, we consolidated a lot of overlapping vars and methods, which means you may need to delete deprecated method implementations.

Significant changes

  • The metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/->honeysql method for Field instances, e.g.

    (defmethod sql.qp/->honeysql [:my-driver (class Field)]
      [driver field]

    is no longer invoked. All compilation is now handled by the MBQL :field clause method, e.g.

    (defmethod sql.qp/->honeysql [:my-driver :field]
      [driver field-clause]

    If you were doing something special here, you’ll need to move that special login into [<driver> :field] instead. (You may no longer need this special logic, however – see below.)

  • :field, :expression, and :aggregation-options clauses now contain information about what aliases you should use to refer to them on both the left-hand side and right-hand side of SQL AS or elsewhere in a query. See PR #19610 for a detailed discussion about the new information, hereafter referred to as the /#19610 information/.

  • If you have a custom implementation of ->honeysql for :field or (class Field): ->honeysql methods for :field should use or replace the #19610 information rather than attempting to determine or override it in some other fashion.

New methods

  • metabase.driver/escape-alias (moved from metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/escape-alias, which was introduced in 0.41.0) is now used to generate the #19610 information and used consistently across the SQL QP code. If you need to transform generated Field aliases for any reason (such as escaping disallowed characters), implement this method.

  • metabase.driver.sql-jdbc.sync.interface/filtered-syncable-schemas has been added, and will eventually replace metabase.driver.sql-jdbc.sync.interface/syncable-schemas. It serves a similar purpose, except that it’s also passed the inclusion and exclusion patterns (ex: auth*,data*) to further filter schemas that will be synced.

Deprecated methods and vars

The following methods and vars are slated for removal in Metabase 0.45.0 unless otherwise noted.

  • metabase.driver/format-custom-field-name is now unused. Implement metabase.driver/escape-alias instead.

  • metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/escape-alias has been renamed to metabase.driver/escape-alias. Everything else is the same.

  • metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/field-clause->alias no longer uses the optional parameter unique-name-fn. Aliases are now made unique automatically, after escaping them; implement metabase.driver/escape-alias if you need to do something special before they are made unique. (Unique aliases are also escaped a second time if you need to do something /really/ special.)

  • metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/field->alias, which was deprecated in 0.41.0, is now unused in 0.42.0. Implementing this method no longer has any effect. Implement metabase.driver/escape-alias instead if you need to do something special; use the #19610 information if you need to escape the alias for one reason or another. This method is still slated for removal in Metabase 0.44.0.

  • metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/*field-options* is now unused and is no longer bound automatically. If you need field options for some reason, see our SQL Server driver for an example on how to create it.

  • metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/*table-alias* is now unused and is no longer bound automatically. Use or override :metabase.query-processor.util.add-alias-info/source-table from the #19610 information instead.

  • metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/*source-query* is now unused and is no longer bound automatically. Use metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/*inner-query* instead, which is always bound, even if we aren’t inside of a source query.

  • metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/field->identifier is now unused. Implementing this method should no longer be necessary under any circumstances. Override ->honeysql for [<driver> :field] and manipulate the #19610 information if you need to do something special here.

  • metabase.driver.sql.query-processor/prefix-field-alias is no longer used. Previously, it was made available to give drivers a chance to escape automatically generated aliases for joined Fields. This is no longer necessary, because metabase.driver/escape-alias is called on automatically generates aliases. Implement metabase.driver/escape-alias if you need to do something special.
  • metabase.driver.sql-jdbc.sync.interface/syncable-schemas has been deprecated in favor of metabase.driver.sql-jdbc.sync.interface/filtered-syncable-schemas (see above). The existing default implementation of syncable-schemas currently calls filtered-syncable-schemas (with nil filters, i.e. the filtering operation is actually a no-op), but it will eventually be removed.

Removed Methods and Vars

  • metabase.mbql.schema/DatetimeFieldUnit, deprecated in 0.39.0, is now removed.

Older versions

Before 0.42.0, this information was tracked in our Wiki. You can find changes for versions before 0.42.0 in the table below:

Version Wiki page
0.41.0 changes
0.40.0 No changes.
0.39.0 No changes.
0.38.0 changes
0.37.0 changes
0.36.0 changes
0.35.0 changes

Read docs for other versions of Metabase.

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