Developing Metabase documentation

Notes on writing docs for Metabase.

You can check for broken links in the docs directory by running:

yarn run docs-lint-links

This command uses Markdown link check to vet links in all of the markdown files in the docs directory. We recommend writing the command’s output to a file. E.links.,

touch ~/links-to-fix.txt && yarn run docs-lint-links > ~/links-to-fix.txt

Alternatively, if you just want to check the in-product links to make sure they link to actual documents:

yarn run lint-docs-links

You can view both commands in the package.json file under scripts.

Updating API docs

To update an API endpoint description, you’ll need to edit the comment in the source code for that endpoint.

To bring your changes into docs/latest/api-documentation, you’ll need to open a separate PR. Check out a new branch from the current release branch, and run:

clojure -M:ee:run api-documentation

Style guide

Ancient style guide that needs an update.

Read docs for other versions of Metabase.

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