Metabase release versioning

We follow our own flavor of the semantic versioning guidelines in order to distinguish the open-source version of Metabase from the paid, source-available version of Metabase (available in the Pro and Enterprise plans).

Semantic versioning typically follows the format: Major.Minor.Point.Patch. For example, version 3.15.2 or

With Metabase releases, we prefix the version with a 0 or 1, depending on the license.

The Metabase version schema




v0.46.3.1 would be for a hotfix (1) for the third (3) point release of Metabase 46, the open-source edition (0).


  • 0 for the free, open-source version (sometimes called OSS, for open-source software).
  • 1 for the paid, source-available version that has all the bells and whistles (sometimes called EE for “Enterprise Edition”).


We release major version when we introduce new features or breaking changes.


Sometimes called a minor release, we issue point releases when we add bug fixes and refinements to existing features.


Sometimes called a patch release, we issue these hotfix releases to fix security issues in a timely manner, or to undo a horrific regression.

Other release terms

The Gold Release

The gold release is the first release of a new major version of Metabase. So for Metabase version 46, the gold releases would be:

  • v0.46.0 (the OSS version)
  • v1.46.0 (the EE version)

Release Candidates

We usually publish release candidates to kick the tires on new features before releasing a new major version (a gold release). To distinguish these release candidates, we append an -RC# at the end.


  • v1.46.0-RC1 (the first release candidate for the EE version)
  • v0.46.0-RC3 (the third release candidate for the OSS version)

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