People can’t log in to Metabase

Do you know how your logins are managed?

Common Metabase login problems

Can’t access the Metabase login page

  1. Check whether you need to include a port number as well as a hostname in the connection URL. For example, Metabase might be at instead of
    • If you’re an administrator, you’ll have configured this.
    • If you’re not, please ask your admin.
  2. Check whether your Metabase instance has moved. For example, if you were using a trial instance of Metabase, but you’re now in production, the URL might have changed.
  3. Ask your Metabase admin if your account has been deactivated.

For more information, see the Configuration settings documentation.

Can’t log in to a Metabase Cloud account

If you’re using Metabase Cloud, note that your Metabase store password is different from your Metabase Cloud admin password.

For more information, see the Metabase Cloud documentation.

I don’t know how my logins are managed

What do you use to log in?

  • An email address and password.

    You’re using Metabase or LDAP.

  • A button that launches a pop-up dialog.

    You’re using SSO. If you’re using SAML, go to Troubleshooting SAML. If you’re using JWT, search or ask the Metabase community.

  • I’m signing in at a site that doesn’t have in the URL.

    You’re using an embedded application. If a Metabase question or dashboard is embedded in another website or web application, that site or application determines who you are. It may pass on your identity to Metabase to control what data you are allowed to view—please see our troubleshooting guide for sandboxing if you are having trouble with this.

  • I’m signing in at

    If you’re using Metabase Cloud, the password for the Metabase store (where you pay for things) is not automatically the same as the password for your Metabase instance (where you log in to look at data).

    If your password and URL are correct, go to Can’t log in to a Metabase Cloud account.

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