Metabase can use LDAP for authentication. This article explains how to set it up, and the guide below will help you troubleshoot if anything goes wrong. If your problem isn’t specific to LDAP, go to our troubleshooting guide for logging in.

LDAP sample configuration

You can test Metabase with LDAP by using this docker-compose definition:

version: '3.7'
    image: metabase/metabase:latest
    container_name: metabase-ldap
    hostname: metabase-ldap
    - /dev/urandom:/dev/random:ro
      - 3000:3000
      - metanet1
      - "MB_LDAP_BIND_DN=cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org"
      - "MB_LDAP_ENABLED=true"
      - "MB_LDAP_GROUP_BASE=cn=readers"
      - "MB_LDAP_HOST=openldap"
      - "MB_LDAP_PASSWORD=adminpassword"
      - "MB_LDAP_PORT=1389"
      - "MB_LDAP_USER_BASE=ou=users,dc=example,dc=org"
      # We are using the same field for email and first name, just for this example to work without modifications to the LDAP objects
    image: bitnami/openldap:2.4.57
    hostname: openldap
    container_name: openldap
      - 1389:1389
      - LDAP_ADMIN_PASSWORD=adminpassword
      - LDAP_USERS=user01@metabase.com,user02@metabase.com
      - LDAP_PASSWORDS=password1!,password2!
      - LDAP_PORT_NUMBER=1389
      - LDAP_ROOT=dc=example,dc=org
      - LDAP_USER_DC=users
      - LDAP_GROUP=readers
      - metanet1
    driver: bridge

If you don’t pass environment variables to Metabase and you want to configure the environment manually, you can go to the Admin Panel, selectin “Settings”, select “Authentication”, and then select “LDAP Configuration” and enter the following values:

  • USERNAME OR DN: cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org
  • PASSWORD: adminpassword
  • USER SEARCH BASE: ou=users,dc=example,dc=org
  • USER FILTER: (&(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)(|(uid={login})))
  • GROUP SEARCH BASE: cn=readers

For the USER FILTER, you can leave the default value, which will look for the user ID in both the uid or email field.

If you run into an issue, check that you can login to your LDAP directory and issue queries using software like Apache Directory Studio. It will let you see the whole LDAP tree and view the logs of your LDAP application to see queries run.

Current limitations

  • When using Metabase Enterprise with a MySQL database and LDAP enabled, make sure that you disable synchronization of binary fields from your LDAP directory by using the MB_LDAP_SYNC_USER_ATTRIBUTES_BLACKLIST environment variable. If you do not, you may hit the 60K field size limitation of the text field in MySQL, which will prevent you from creating users or those users from logging in.

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If you can’t solve your problem using the troubleshooting guides:

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