I can’t see my tables

You’ve connected Metabase to a database, but:

  • you don’t see the tables in the Table Metadata section of the Admin Panel,
  • the tables don’t appear in the Data Browser,
  • the tables don’t show up as possible data sources when you create a query using the Query Builder, or
  • you can no longer see tables that you used to be able to see.

Check for browser issues

  1. Clear your browser cache.
  2. Check if a browser extension or plugin is interfering with Metabase:
    • Disable all extensions and plugins,
    • Open Metabase in an incognito browser session, or
    • Open Metabase in a different browser.


Sometimes your browser will show an old cached list of tables. Browser extensions can also prevent pages from loading correctly.

Test the database connection

  1. Go to the Metabase SQL editor.
  2. Test the connection to your database by running:
    SELECT 1

If you get an error, see Troubleshooting database connections.


Something may have changed on the database side (if you were previously connected). For example, you may have connected to a test database while doing an evaluation but are now in a production environment.

Check table access

To make sure that your table is actually queryable by Metabase:

  1. Go to the Metabase SQL editor.
  2. Look for your table:
    SELECT *
    FROM your_table

If there’s a problem with your table name or database permissions, you’ll get an error message like:

For less common errors, try searching or asking the Metabase community.


Something might have changed on database side: your table could’ve been renamed or dropped, or the permissions revoked.

Metabase permissions

If there are only a few people who can’t view tables, see A user group has the wrong access to a table or schema.


Metabase uses a group-based permission model: people belong to groups, and admins can set permissions to hide tables from groups.

Check if the table is hidden

  1. Go to Admin > Table Metadata and choose the database where your table is.
  2. Check that Visibility of your table is not set to Hidden.


If an Admin sets the table visibility to Hidden, you will be able to use SQL to query the table but will not be able to see it in Browse > Databases or as a data source in the Query Builder.


MongoDB lets you “successfully connect” to any collection name, even if the collection doesn’t exist. If you don’t see a MongoDB collection in Metabase, make sure that:

  • you have the correct collection name, and
  • the collection is non-empty.

Are you still stuck?

If you can’t solve your problem using the troubleshooting guides:

Read docs for other versions of Metabase.

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