Troubleshooting question and dashboard visualizations

To start, check if your current browser settings are compatible with Metabase:

  1. Clear your browser cache, and refresh your page.
  2. Disable all extensions and plugins. Load the page again.
  3. Give it one last shot—try opening your page in a private/incognito session, or a different browser.

Formatting dashboard cards

  1. Make sure that you’re making and saving changes from the card’s settings (not the original question’s settings).
  2. Reset your card’s visualization settings.


The visualization settings on a card are independent of the settings on the original question. When you first create a question, your selected visualization type is saved along with the query. When you add that question to a dashboard, the dashboard will display the same visualization as the original question by default. You can override the original visualization type by using the card’s visualization settings.

Visualizing SQL questions

Go to your SQL question and change the visualization type to a table. Then, check if any of the following situations apply to the raw query results:


If your question or dashboard card is powered by a handwritten SQL query rather than the query builder, your visualization is going to be more sensitive to changes in the underlying data (for example, renamed fields, or the sudden appearance of a wild null value). To learn more, read about Common reasons for unexpected query results.

If you’re having problems with things like SQL syntax errors or SQL variables, see Troubleshooting SQL questions for more help.

Are you still stuck?

If you can’t solve your problem using the troubleshooting guides:

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