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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t log into Metabase. Can you reset my password?

If you are running the Mac OS X application on your laptop, you can click on the Help menu item and click Reset Password.

If you are using a browser to access Metabase, then someone downloaded our software and installed it on a server. We at Metabase don’t host your instance. We write software that someone at your company decided to run. You should ask whoever it is that set up your company’s Metabase (a good starting point for this would be to ask whoever).

How should I use the Mac OS X application?

Our Mac OS X application is best thought of as Metabase in single-player mode. It’s meant to be a way to quickly try out the program and see if it’s something you’d want to use across your team. It’s also useful for use on your own.

When you need to share dashboards or pulses with others, we strongly recommend you run our server application.

Does Metabase support SQL Joins?

Metabase does not expose a “Join” operator, but we do provide ways for non-SQL-proficient users to perform the tasks that joins are used for such as filtering or grouping by columns in other tables, etc.

For more info see our blog post on the subject

Can I use SQL with Metabase?


Do I need to know SQL to use Metabase?


Why can’t I do X in the Query Builder?

The primary audience of the GUI querying interface is a non-technical user who doesn’t SQL. Advanced users can always use SQL.

We’re constantly trying to walk the line between putting more functionality into the GUI interface and creating a confusing mess. You can expect it to improve and change with time, but in the meantime, you can always lean on SQL directly for the complicated matters.

Does Metabase support database X?

Metabase currently supports:

  • Amazon Redshift
  • BigQuery
  • CrateDB (version 0.57 or higher)
  • Druid
  • H2
  • MongoDB (version 3.0 or higher)
  • MySQL (and MariaDB)
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • Oracle
  • Vertica
  • Google Analytics

Can Metabase support database X?

Metabase is built by a small core team, and we have very limited engineering bandwidth. Each additional database we connect to slows down overall product development, increases the time and cost of our automated testing and requires us to learn a lot about the edge cases of the specific database driver. While writing a given driver might only take a few days, supporting it places a cost on us indefinitely.

That said, we will build out additional database connectors as we are able to. We generally select additional drivers based on demand from the community and our ability to set up a test database server easily in our integrated testing environment.

We welcome community contributions of database connectors. If you’re able to help, we have open issues for a number of databases. We’d greatly appreciate your help!

Can Metabase connect to Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.?

Metabase is primarily meant to work with actual databases. However we have released a Google Analytics connector. We will be moving fairly slowly on this front however, ands suggest that you use other tools to build a data warehouse with the data you need. This can be done either by writing code or more commonly using a third-party service. There are a large number of these services, and you can ask other users and discuss pros and cons at our user forum.

Can I upload data to Metabase?

Not exactly. Metabase provides access to data you have in an existing database you control. We currently do not add or modify the information in your database. You should ask whomever controls the database you are accessing how to upload the data you’re interested in accessing.

Can you help me debug something?

Yes, to the extent that we are able to and have time.

In the event of a clear bug, please open an issue.

If you’re having other trouble, please start a conversation at our discussion forum and check out the other threads. Someone else might have experienced the same problem.

Do you offer paid support?

We are experimenting with offering paid support to a limited number of companies. Contact us if you want more information.

Can I embed charts or dashboards in another application?

Not yet. We’re working on it however, and you should expect it in the near future. (Late summer/early fall 2016). Keep tabs on it at the main tracking issue


  • Front-end Software Engineer

    Metabase is looking for a Lead Front-end Engineer, who will be responsible for our front-end codebase across our suite of analytics applications. You will own the build, test and deployment of our front-end clients as well as writing code, mentoring and help us grow our engineering team. Strong product sensibilities are expected as you’ll have a significant part in shaping our user experience.

    About you:

    • Exceptional knowledge of Javascript required
    • Knowledge of Clojure or desire to learn a plus.
    • History of open source contributions strongly preferred
    • Experience with React + Redux preferred
    • Solid CS background (either a CS program or School of Hard Knocks)
    • Shipped significant single page apps, individually or as a technical lead
    • Significant experience working with CSS on a large scale application
    • You enjoy collaborating with designers
    • You really care about front end performance
    • You have consumer sensibilities but are interested in changing the standard for tools in the enterprise
  • Software engineer

    Metabase is looking for exceptional software engineers to join our team in doing the hard work that makes our users ‘ lives easy. We run on a mix of Clojure and Javascript, and the ideal candidate has shipped production code in one or more of these. You’ll be expected to ship major features end to end across our Javascript and Clojure codebase, as well as deal with some of our trickier backend issues as they arise. Some familiarity with machine learning, compiler theory and modern big data infrastructures would be helpful. You should have strong product sensibilities and deeply care about the end user experience.

    About you:

    • Experience in Clojure or a strong desire to learn
    • Experience in Javascript or strong desire to learn
    • Solid experience shipping products of significant complexity
    • Solid CS background (either a CS program or School of Hard Knocks)
    • Able to make solid technical judgements and back them up articulately
    • History of open source contributions strongly preferred